Do you offer any discounts ?

We do offer multiple mare discounts. Return client discounts. On some of our stallions we offer special consideration to proven producers or proven show mares.

2. What kind of care will my mare receive while at the stud ?

At Tally Station Show & Investment Horses we take pride in our mare care & conception rate. Your mares will be given the best of care & housed in either safe individual yards with shelter or turned out in small congenial groups. It is the mare owner's choice. In the event of veterinary care, Chris Wain is our attending Veterinarian.

3. What do you charge for mare care ?

In individual yards, we charge $15.00 per day for dry mares (no foal) & $18.00 per day for wet mares ( with foal). All mares with foals are in individual yards. For pasture we charge $10 per day.

4. Do you foal out mares & what charge ?

Yes, we do. We charge $220.00 to foal out. This includes navel treatment & TAT Tetanus injections for both foal & mare.

5. Do your stallions ship well ?

No all stallions ship equally well. Semen quality differs from stallion to stallion. Our stallions have been tested with various extenders for compatibility . We have excellent results with cooled shipped semen.

6. What days do you collect ?

We collect & send with Toll Priority on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. We will collect Friday for mares owners who can collect from the stud.

7. Do you have a live foal guarantee ?

Yes we do, Conditions apply.

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